• Our multi skilled team of specialists can handle just about any rigging brief – no matter how big or small! Our skills cover a range of competencies from working with large high profile structures, to smaller sites with extensive constraints and awkward situational hazards.
  • Our success with big projects must not detract from the fact that we have sufficient resources to remain competitive with smaller (and still important!) construction or maintenance related jobs.
  • We manage our projects on time, and in budget, thus saving the client time delays and unbudgeted expenses, as well as expensive liquidator damages imposed on some projects.
  • We deliver.
  • Call us for a quote – it’s free !

Contactthe team

  • Address: PO Box 1062, Aspley Queensland, Australia 4034
  • Phone: 0403186609
  • Email: info@ozrig.com.au

quoteThey have a high level of skill in rigging and installation. Therefore in my business, I don’t need to retain these skills as they are provided by Ozrig. I would never use anyone elsequote